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Wood Heater Installation
Integration of Wood Heater with Solar HW system
Evacuated Tubes (EVT) Solar Hot Water System – Supply & Installation
Heat Pump System – Supply and Installation
Clean and Health Check of Solar Hot Water or Heat Pump System

Guide to Buying Solar Hot Water System in Victoria

Solar hot water systems (which generate thermal energy in water using the heat from the Sun) differ
from photovoltaic panels (which generate electricity using the light from the Sun) but both make a
valuable contribution in our quest to be more sustainable.

These days, solar hot water comes in several different types and choosing the most
appropriate configuration can be a bit of a maze, but in general, a solar hot water system consists of a
storage tank (to store the hot water until required) and a means of harvesting the energy from the
Sun. All solar hot water services need to have a supplementary form of heating known as ‘boosting’ –
electricity, natural gas, LP gas, wood heat, or a combination of these, for periods when the hot water
demand is too high and/or when the available solar energy is too low. The aim of a quality design
and installation is to maximise the solar energy contribution and minimise the need for boosting.

Part of the role of a good merchant is to represent the consumer – to provide clients with the best
options for their needs. Ultimately, products provided and installed need to be ‘fit for purpose’ –
that is they need to work, (in this case) provided sufficient hot water, and (as far as we are
concerned) the product needs to have a reasonable life span.

The most appropriate system for your needs will depend on the amount of hot water required, the
amount of available roof space, the quality of the cold water supply and the proposed location of the
system (ie will it be subject to shading or heavy frost?).

In Australia, the typically available solar hot water systems fall into two types:
[1] Solar Thermal Collector Systems; and
[2] Heat Pump Systems.
There will be an emerging third group where PV panels are used to generate electricity which is then used to produce hot water.
Guide To buy Solar Hot Water System
Split System - Panels on Roof

Some of the Major Brands’ Components that we Recommend, Supply and Install are:

Rinnai – HW Systems For Homes & Commercial Use:

Solar HW System – Electric or Gas Boosted:

Option 1:
Close Coupled System
(the tank is coupled with solar collector panels above the roof)

Option 2:
Split System (the tank is ground-mounted);
includes Evacuated Tube System
Solar Hot Water System:
Coupled with a fireplace/wood heater with a water jacket
Independent Gas or Electronic Hot Water System

Midea – Heat Pump Units

Heat Pump System:

Option 1: 170 Lt HP

Option 2: 280 Lt HP
Midea Gas Booster:

Option 1: 20 Lt Model

Option 2: 26 Lt Model

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But I did it
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Water gave life
Earth gave food
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- Garvit Walia
Rinnai Close Coupled hot Water System, Tank above the roof with panels hot water
Rinnai Close Coupled Hot Water System
Tank above the roof with panels
Rinnai Evacuated Tube System
Rinnai Evacuated Tube System
Tank is usually Ground Mounted
Rinnai S20 Solar Natural Gas Booster
Rinnai Gas Booster Unit
Rinnai Demand Duo Commercial Use
Rinnai Demand Duo System
Commercial Hot Water Unit

Thinking of System Upgrade?

Consult with our expert to get the appropriate advice.
We provided solutions based on individual requirements.
Don’t forget to enquire about what rebates are available from the state and federal governments. You may save over $2,000 when rebates are included.

Looking for C&HC (Clean and Health Check-up) of your Solar Hot Water System?

It is best to get your Solar Hot Water System Checked every 2 to 3 years.
Our plumbers are accredited with over 20 years of experience.
Reach out to us and get a Clean and Health Check-up (C&HC) organised.

Integration of your Solar Hot Water System with your Solar PV Panels?

Yes, Solar PV (electricity) panels can be used for powering your Solar Hot Water System as well.
Contact us to understand how it can be done.
At times, you can re-use your old Solar Hot Water system parts in case you are thinking of upgrading.

Looking for a Solar Hot Water System which is Frost Tolerant?

Yes, we have solutions if you are worried about Frost.
We have a researched list of postcodes that can help you find out whether you require an Evacuated Tube system or will the Flat Plate Collectors be appropriate.
All systems are appropriately covered under the warranty.

Supply Only?

Yes, we supply components as well at a wholesale price.
Contact us to get a quote.
Once your system is installed by your plumber, we can help you claim the STC (federal) rebates and send the funds directly into your bank account.
Simply contact us after the installation is fully completed and we can provide you information on how it can be done.

Tedson Heat Exchanger System integration?

All our Tedson Heat Exchanger Units are Australian-made by experienced plumbers and experts.
We can also freight it to you anywhere in Australia.
If you have the right installer to install it, it can be integrated with almost all Wood Heaters and Close Coupled Solar Hot Water Systems.
We also have installers to do it for you if need be. We service about 300km in radius from Melbourne CBD.

Midea Heat Pumps 170 and 280 litre
Midea Heat Pumps System
Two Sizes
Midea Heat Pump 170 Litres
Midea Heat Pump 170 Litres
Midea Heat Pump 280 Litres
Rinnai Gas Booster Unit
Gas Hot Water Heater
Midea’s Gas Booster Unit

Are you looking for a Solar Hot Water System
for a New Construction?

All architects are requested to email us the roof and elevation drawings along with the system details. This helps in understanding where, how and what system will be appropriate.

Call us / Email Us to request a quote.

Email: info@amisold.com.au