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At our company, our installers are true experts in all types of jobs, no matter how complex they seem. As you can see from the adjacent example, we can install Solar Panels on a side pitch frame with ease, which very few companies can do. We take pride in helping our customers get the most out of their Solar Panels and are confident in our ability to deliver the best results every time.

Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tubes - Solar Hot Water System
Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tubes – Solar Hot Water System

We supply and install Solar Hot Water Systems and Heat Pump Units.

All our installers have over 20+ years of Solar Industry experience. No matter how difficult the job is, if there is enough workable room available, we’ll have a system installed for you.
Be it a flat roof, pitched roof, new construction, highrise, apartment buildings, etc; we have solutions for all types of premises. Simply email or call us, and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.
Forget not to ask about the Solar VIC rebates ($1,000) and the STC (federal) rebates (of approx $1,000, depending on the system type). We are certified with the Solar VIC to help you claim your rebates.

Solar Hot Water Tank and Gas Boosters
Solar Hot Water Tank and Gas Boosters

Looking to book a Service Call Out?

If you have an existing solar hot water system or heat pump unit that requires maintenance, we’re here to help! Our friendly team of expert installers covers all regions in Melbourne, so no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. Just send us your enquiry and we’ll arrange a suitable and hassle-free service for you.

Our Other Services

Midea Heat Pump 170 Litres
Midea Heat Pump 170 Litres

Heat Pump Units
Full Supply and Installations

If you are looking to get a Heat Pump Unit, we have options for you both for homes and commercial sites.

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Solar PV Systems – Supply ONLY?

Why pay your provider too much extra when you can have them for up to 5% to 15% cheaper? We have a range of panels and inverters.

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Clean and Health Check-UP Solar PV System Melbourne
Clean and Health Check-Up

Solar Panel Servicing

If your system is underperforming, it is best to get a full Clean and Health Check-up. This is for both Solar PV Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems.

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Other Expertise


Solar PV System Designing & Consultancy

We offer our expertise to assist new companies and students in understanding the solar industry in Victoria.

Our services include guidance for setting up a solar business as well as pre-installation inspections, reporting, and analysis for councils, builders, and sub-contractors.

We prioritize professionalism and respect in our interactions with all clients and are committed to providing the highest quality service.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.


Solar PV and HW System Upgrades

Upgrading your Solar PV and/or HW systems is a great idea. On average, we draw electricity at 30 cents/watt and feedback at less than 6 cents/watt. Likewise, why should we not save on gas bills by installing an electric-boosted HW system, especially when we have PV panels to generate “free” electricity?

We have a range of solutions to get your PV and HW system to work FOR you by offsetting your overall energy bills.

Give us a call and understand the available options as per your requirements. Encourage the community around before the rebates completely vanish from the market.


Battery Solution

We understand that batteries aren’t for everyone especially when the prices have been going up day by day.

However, if you have heavy usage of electricity after the Sunlight hours, retrofitting batteries along with a Solar PV system is certainly helpful.

Moreover, it will also help you keep your house powered during a blackout. You can select between DC-Coupled or AC-Coupled batteries. both systems are reliable and are backed with 10 years of warranty.

Talk to our expert and understand if and which battery system will be more suitable for you. Also; check if you qualify for INTEREST-FREE Solar Battery Loans from Solar VIC. It may help in making a firm decision.

Would you like to experience Solar PV System design?

Join us online for FREE. We’ll teach you how much fun it can be putting solar panels above your own house using your fingertips.
All you require is a working computer and internet and basic knowledge of using the computer peripherals.
Get kids around you to learn as well, maybe one day they could become accredited System Designers and help the world with their new skills.

Free-to-use software
Free credits to design panels above your house
Free 30-minute session from us

Spread the knowledge with kindness. No brain is useless, it is only used less.


There is always a solution to a problem, just depends on how you are looking at it.


Keep your emotional intelligence high, it helps in revising from any kind of downfall.


We believe in educating before selling.

Some images of our Solar PV and HW system services

Professionally Designed Systems

Solar PV System - Keilor Downs
Solar PV System – Keilor Downs

System Highlights:

6.6 kWp Solar PV Panels
5 kW Single Phase Inverter

The Basics

– Assessed the roof strength and space availability
– Checked the PIL (proposed Inverter Location).

Important aspects to be noted:

– Roof type: Longline Klip Lok
Thus, special non-penetrating clamps will be required.
– Not enough space in the switchboard to install a CB (circuit Breaker), chance a sub-board may be required.

Learning Lab

– Special clamps to be used must be of a specific type. incorrect clamps will delay the work and can not be used.
– System size must meet the requirement and help to offset the energy bills.

Installation specifics

– All warning stickers must be carefully installed at the end of installation.
– Any holes created must be properly sealed to avoid water leakage issues.
– Edge protection is a must. OH&S


– Full paperwork to be done after system commissioning including updating the energy retailer.


AM i SOLD proudly supports Australian Artists and Artwork. Every dollar earned from the Artwork will be fully relayed to the respected artist.
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