Unisolar PVL 33 – 33 Wp Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel Adhesive Back

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Unisolar Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel Adhesive Back

  • PVL-33 Top Mount
  • Pmax – 33Watts – Volt: 16.0V
  • Current: 2.0A
  • Top Mount: Two cable leads with MC4 compatible connects coming out of Junction box 1
  • 300mm x 378mm x 2.5mm
  • Weight – approx. 1.80kg (with adhesive)

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  • Flexible – Laminates offer freedom of design to architects as they can even conform to curved surfaces and hence are meeting the increasing demand for aesthetically pleasing building-integrated PV (BIPV).
  • Lightweight – Lightweight PV laminates are particularly suited for retrofitting of existing buildings or applications, where additional weight and/or wind load are critical to the statics of a building or structure.
  • No-Glass – No Glass PV-laminates in ground-mounted PV installations reduce sub-construction requirements and total system costs substantially.
  • Durable – Durable PV-products encapsulated in UV stabilized, weather-resistant polymers have proven themselves over decades under the most extreme conditions imaginable, including satellites, ocean buoys and military applications.
  • Shadow Tolerant – Shadow tolerant PV products offer higher outdoor performance in low and diffuse light conditions due to higher absorption of light in the blue wavelength range. The thin-film PV Solar Panels can deliver power even when partially shaded or soiled.
  • High-Temperature Performance – Thin Film Flexible PV products render better energy yield at high module temperatures and in warm climates. Under real outdoor conditions, module temperature can be up to 80-celsius degree, especially if they are building integrated and directly in the sun. At these temperatures, the thin-film PV products can yield up to 20 % more electricity compared to conventional crystalline solar modules of the same power rating.
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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