Rinnai Smartstart Water Saver – {Smartstart Stand-alone unit only (Suits all models)}

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The Smartstart system works as follows

  • Before hot water is required, the user activates the Smartstart system by pressing the ‘preheat’ button on the water controller or by pressing the Manual Activation Switch. This activates the Smartstart system and the integral pump is switched on. Water flows from the pump and passes through the water heater. This in turn activates the water heater burner and water in the flow and return heating loop begins to heat. When the Smartstart control module senses that the water in the full length of the flow and return heating loop has been heated, the pump and water heater stops operating. The user opens the desired hot water outlet. Preheated water will be delivered from the flow and return heating loop to the outlet.


  • Water-saving
  • Fast hot water response
  • Reduce ‘dead legs’, long runs of hot water piping
  • Allows you to pre-heat the water in the pipes before you turn on the hot tap
  • Simply activated by the ‘preheat’ button on any Rinnai water controller or a manual control switch
  • Saves tens of thousands of litres of water over the life of your hot water system

We also have experienced and accredited installers who can install the device. Please contact us to know the installation cost.

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Save water from going to waste.
The Rinnai Smartstart® Water Saver has been developed to specifically reduce water wastage whenever a hot tap is turned on.


Dimensions (mm) : Height


Dimensions (mm) : Width


Dimensions (mm) : Depth


Weight (kg)

7.5 kg

Rated Pressure

850 kPa


One MC-91Q-2A (purchased separately)



Anti Frost


Pump Type



0.14 Amps

Power Consumption

30 Watts

Pump Speed

2700 rpm

IP Rating



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